Understand your customer and make better decisions

With Buenno’s incentivised questionnaires you get answers to your questions and can make better decisions.

How Buenno Works

Choose Questions

Make a deeper questionnaire that helps you to understand the drivers behind the numbers. Design the survey by yourself, choose from ready question templates or ask help from Buenno’s research consults.

  • Versatile question types
  • Long open answers
  • Ready question templates

Buenno’s experts help you in the design of the survey.

Open the Survey

Choose a target audience that you are interested in and open the questionnaire for them. You can collect answers from Buenno’s consumer panel or from you own customers. Send a unique survey or start a continuous measurement.

  • Buenno’s consumer panel or own customers
  • Bricks and mortar or online customers
  • Uniques survey or continuous measurement

Collect Answers

Survey experience is pleasant and easy for the customers. With incentivised questionnaires, you can collect those answers that you need. Automatic quality control ensures that every answer meets the quality requirements.

  • Pleasant survey experience
  • Answer based rewards for customers
  • Automatic quality control

Learn and develop

In Buenno’s report portal you can see important insights easily and make the right decisions. Follow the progress of the survey in real time and get automatic email reports. With built in user access levels you can control the necessary information to different user groups within your company.

  • Easy to interpret report portal
  • Real-time email notifications
  • User access levels for different stakeholders

Active and Motivated Consumer Panel

“Buenno has interesting questionnaires that are easy to answer. Well defined instructions make questions easy to understand and the questionnaire form is easy to use.”


“The instructions for the task were very straightforward and the questions were easy to answer.”


Registered users all over the Finland
7200 users (+150% growth in a year)
Biggest age group 24-46 years
Users that fit to the customer profile

What Do Our Customers Say?

”Customer encounter has been a big theme in our training and in addition to that it is one of the success meters to our staff. Buenno has been able to measure it reliably.”

Jyrki Kentala, Development Manager of Grocery Stores, KPO Cooperative