Our happy customers

We have saved 68 300€ within first 6 months

“We know how much each lost customers is worth in euros. We have calculated that we have saved 68300€ within first 6 months. Without Buenno’s service we could not have recognised these customers. Buenno’s advantage is that they are fully focused on customer feedback and we wanted a tool that is best in the market in this area.”

Henri Haho, Development manager, Koti Puhtaaksi

Our store managers can base their actions to real customer insight

“The amount of answers that we have received via Buenno has been much higher than in the services that we used before. Already within first weeks we could see first important areas for improvement and focus on those. With Buenno our store managers can base their actions to and manage their team with real time customer insights.”

Susa Niemelä, Digital business manager, Rinta-Joupin Autoliike

“We have been very satisfied to Buenno, which works well in all management levels. In chain management we have been able to recognise areas that need improvement and focus our training to those areas. In stores the managers always impatiently wait for new results so that they can share them with their team.

Merita Korkalainen
Area Manager, The Body Shop

We have been able to bring positive things to our weeks and motivate our people

“With Buenno we can see a clear overview of our situation but also how our different teams are doing. We have been able to recognise those kinds of things that are important for our customers and repeat several times. With Buenno’s service we have also been able to bring positive things to our working weeks and motivate our people.

Iina Pietilä, CEO, Sivina

Buenno is a turnkey-solution to our customer satisfaction needs

Järvenpään Mestariasunnot

“I have used multiple different survey tools and co-operated with numerous service providers. Buenno is simple and easy-to-use service that has been easy to communicate to our different management levels. I greatly appreciate that Buenno’s service is personal and that it is a turnkey -solution to our customer satisfaction needs.”

Nina Silvonen, Customer director, Järvenpään Mestariasunnot