Take customer experience into next level

With Buenno’s intelligent survey tool, you get a clear overview of all stages of the customer journey, use data intuitively and take your customers’ experience to the next level.

More answers

Intelligent survey invitations entice to answer and increase answer rate.

Deeper answers

Personalised surveys are pleasant to answer and increase the depth of the collected data.

Actionable insights

Reports and alarms that use artificial intelligence make it easy to convert insights into actions.

Increase ROI in marketing

Enrich your customer data with survey answers and improve marketing automations.

“Already after one week of use we could see the first areas of improvement and take action.”

Susa Niemelä, Chief of Digital Business, Rinta-Joupin Autoliike

“With Buenno we have saved 68 000€ within the first six months.”

Henri Haho, Development Director, Koti Puhtaaksi

One survey platform. All touch points.